3 Important Reasons to Get Covered Right Now

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running during a road raceTime is running out to get covered with an ACA-compliant personal health insurance plan for 2016. If you want to get coverage for this calendar year, you only have until January 31 to sign up. Last year, the deadline was extended but you can’t bank on that happening again. If you’ve waited this long, there must be a good reason why.

But, we believe that your health is the most important thing you have. Below are 3 even better reasons why you should stop procrastinating and get covered right now.

The potential for emergencies. No matter how healthy you are, the unfortunate reality is that no one is immune from life. And life sometimes doesn’t happen the way we would expect or like it to. This means you need to be prepared for medical emergencies. If you aren’t, you could be saddled with an overwhelmingly large amount of debt due to medical bills. Though we sincerely hope this never happens, the entire course of your life could change with this one decision.

Being prepared for the future. Having insurance now is a safeguard for your future in that it ensures you will not go into debt for emergency medical treatment, but it also has other long-term positive effects. Maintaining a health insurance plan now by paying your monthly premiums gets you in a mindset that’s truly committed to your health, as well as doing the thing that’s best for your personal future, rather than what feels good right now.

The penalty. You may really not want to spend the money every month for health insurance if you don’t even know if you’re going to use it, but look at it this way: most Americans are afforded some sort of tax incentive or income-based payment break on their health insurance plans. And as we discussed earlier, your health is not guaranteed. What is certain is that anyone who does not carry a personal health insurance policy for 2016 will be assessed a significant fine on their taxes for the year.

So, if you don’t want to risk financial ruin, you care about creating a healthy and positive future for yourself, and you don’t want to be docked more than 2% of your household income, the answer is clear: get yourself signed up for health insurance now. Even if you don’t suffer a health emergency in 2016, you’ll be glad you did.

Ready to get started? Find a plan using the Axess Advisors portal, powered by ACA Express.

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